GIPA - Access to Information

Contract Information Class 1

Reference Number 999/006/553
Amount Payable Greater than $150,000.00
Estimated costs of $2,308,240 which includes subscriptions, set up costs and additional staging environment
Effective Date 01/10/2016
Completion Date 30/09/2024
Name and business address of the contractor
Appian Software Switzerland LLC - Level 1 92 Pitt Street SYDNEY NSW 2000
Particulars of the project to be undertaken, the goods or services to be provided or real property to be leased/transferred Appian is providing a hosted business process management system in Cloud Offering Software
Details of any related body corporate or private sector entity who will be involved in carrying out any of the contractor’s obligations or receive a benefit.
Are there any provisions under which the amount payable may be varied? Yes
Amount Payable Variation Clauses On termination of the Agreement Appian must refund any amounts paid by UOW for products not delivered or Services yet to be rendered
Can the contract be renegotiated? Yes
Renegotiation Clauses This Agreement may only be varied by written amendment signed by both UOW and Appian
Did the contract involve a tender process? Yes
Tendering Method Selective Tender process
Tendering Criteria As per UOW's tender assessment criteria including costs, product and service supply.
Description of any provisions under which the contractor is to receive payment for providing operational or maintenance services Appian is providing maintenance services for student subscriptions.