GIPA - Access to Information

Contract Information Class 1

Reference Number 2018_037
Amount Payable Greater than $150,000.00
Costs over $150,000. Estimated cost $242,709 incl GST - value of extension is $8,074 incl GST
Effective Date 01/04/2018
Completion Date 31/12/2022
Name and business address of the contractor
SUMS GROUP PTY LTD - 6/20 Narabang Way Belrose NSW 2085 AUSTRALIA
Particulars of the project to be undertaken, the goods or services to be provided or real property to be leased/transferred Gas & Water Metering and Monitoring System
Details of any related body corporate or private sector entity who will be involved in carrying out any of the contractor’s obligations or receive a benefit.
Are there any provisions under which the amount payable may be varied? Yes
Amount Payable Variation Clauses Refer relevant clauses 9,14,15 & 16
Can the contract be renegotiated? Yes
Renegotiation Clauses Refer relevant clauses 9,14,15 & 16
Did the contract involve a tender process? Yes
Tendering Method Open Tender via Tenderlink
Tendering Criteria Proposal for solution to Installation, metering & monitoring system & requirements as per Schedule 1; Overall Project costs; Previous experience of delivering similar projects
Description of any provisions under which the contractor is to receive payment for providing operational or maintenance services N/A