GIPA - Access to Information

Contract Information Class 1

Reference Number CDU2019_001
Amount Payable $4,950,000.00
Effective Date 26/03/2019
Completion Date 26/03/2024
Name and business address of the contractor
Lendlease RL Future Development no 1 Holding Pty Ltd - Level 14 International Towers Exchange Place Tower Three 300 Barangaroo Avenue SYDNEY NSW 2000
Particulars of the project to be undertaken, the goods or services to be provided or real property to be leased/transferred UOW has engaged Lendlease as the Developer for the UOW Health and Wellbeing Precinct to be developed on UOW Land at Innovation Campus and will include:: Preparation of a masterplan for the development of the precinct finance, design and construct the project deliverables and other works as per the Agreement
Details of any related body corporate or private sector entity who will be involved in carrying out any of the contractor’s obligations or receive a benefit.
Lendlease Retirement Living Holding Pty Ltd
Are there any provisions under which the amount payable may be varied? Yes
Amount Payable Variation Clauses Refer clause 18.4 of the contract. UOW may be required to provide contribution to remediation works.
Can the contract be renegotiated? No
Did the contract involve a tender process? Yes
Tendering Method Open market, EOI followed by Request for detailed proposal phase
Tendering Criteria As per UOW's tender selection criteria and includes: Proponent team and experience 5% contractual terms 10% development concept and vision 25% operations and collaboration agreement 20% project viability and risk 15% financial capacity and certainty 5% value 20%
Description of any provisions under which the contractor is to receive payment for providing operational or maintenance services N/A

Contract Information Class 2

Is there a transfer of significant assets to the State? No
Is there a transfer of significant assets to the contractor? No
Has any cost-benefit analysis been undertaken by UOW? No
Was a public sector comparator used? No
Did the contractor provide a base case financial model? No
If relevant, provide details of how risk is to be apportioned between the parties. Risks have been identified and addressed in accordance with UOW's risk appetite and approved risk mitigation strategies
Have there been any significant guarantees or undertakings between the parties? No
Other Key Elements N/A