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Contract Information Class 1

Reference Number 999/004/965
Amount Payable Greater than $150,000.00
Total estimated cost of $25,000,000 over the term of the contract
Effective Date 01/01/2013
Completion Date 31/12/2022
Name and business address of the contractor
Compass Group Education Hospitality Services Pt Ltd ("Chartwells") - Ground Floor 35-51 Mitchell Street MCMAHONS POINT NSW 2060
Particulars of the project to be undertaken, the goods or services to be provided or real property to be leased/transferred Chartwells is providing catering services to the following UOW Accommodation sites: Campus East, Weerona College and International House
Details of any related body corporate or private sector entity who will be involved in carrying out any of the contractor’s obligations or receive a benefit.
Are there any provisions under which the amount payable may be varied? Yes
Amount Payable Variation Clauses Contract prices is to be reviewed annually and can be varied: 1. to reflect changes in the costss of labour and goods and services used in the provision of the Services, 2. to reflect changes in the scope of the Servcies and/or duties performed by Scolarest and 3. in accordance with CPI increases.
Can the contract be renegotiated? Yes
Renegotiation Clauses Any variations to service or price must be agreed upon by both parties in writing.
Did the contract involve a tender process? Yes
Tendering Method UOW selective tendering process
Tendering Criteria Tender awarded based on cost, service and industry experience.
Description of any provisions under which the contractor is to receive payment for providing operational or maintenance services Chartwells is responsible for the operation of commercial kitchens at each of UOW's accommodation facilities and cafe located at Campus East